The Clomid Crazies…

Today is CD6. In about 30 minutes, I’ll take my third dose of Clomid for this cycle. The hus-b is out of town this weekend which is great for him and probably really great for our marriage considering the absolutely lunacy going on inside my head right now. I’m feeling anxious, frustrated for no reason, easily agitated by absolutely anything and everything, and crazy for feeling all of those things.

I really wanted to document all of what’s going on this cycle because I didn’t last cycle and my crazy brain has me convinced all these side effects are new. IF I do another round of Clomid, I want to be able to look back to these moments of feeling crazy and realize that they are NOT me and they WILL disappear when I’m done with the medicine.


4 thoughts on “The Clomid Crazies…

  1. My first round my side effects seemed minimal Second round though, both my surrogate and I experienced every side effect, including what I call the Clomid crazy train for myself. Sending you light and strength! Justine

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