Trust Issues

I just realized that my NP counted incorrectly and while meaning to schedule my u/s for CD12 actually scheduled it for CD13. I’m annoyed that I didn’t second-guess her and check for myself, which would be typical of me. Every time I try and let go and trust in things outside of myself, it bites me in the ass. Sure it’s a small thing, but when you consider this entire process is a timing and numbers game, it isn’t that insignificant of an error.

And now begins my spiral of “if she fucked that up, what else shouldn’t I trust her to do?”


3 thoughts on “Trust Issues

  1. Boo, that sucks! Is it too late to call and try to get in last minute on CD12? It’s your NP’s mistake, so they should accomodate you if it’s at all possible.

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