Ultrasound Ultra-disappointment

We went to the RE this morning for our (accidentally CD13) CD12 u/s. I finally met our actual doctor, we’ve just been seeing Nurse Practitioners up until this point. He came in to do the ultrasound and introduced himself. I’ll admit, I was very surprised he was in the office at 7:45 on a Saturday morning, surely he has earned the right to sleep in and let a NP take care of these weekend appointments. Nevertheless, it was nice to meet him and he was very nice.

The u/s went exactly the same as last time. Not one thing was different, except for when the doctor said, “as far as polycystic ovaries go, if we rate them ‘mild’, ‘moderate’, or ‘severe’ yours definitely would be above moderate.” Cool, doc. Maybe next time just say what you’re trying to say, my ovaries look like shit. Basically, I didn’t respond to the higher dose of Clomid and Dexamethasone at all. He suggested we induce a period and try injectables (which he said have a 99% success rate in women that Clomid didn’t work for, which seems to
me like a HIGHLY elevated statistic.) I have that option or try a different drug (one I have never heard of–not Femera) and hope for the best again (which has been working GREAT.) I don’t even know what to do at this point, but nothing can happen until after a period, so the hus-b and I decided to take some time to discuss our options.



2 thoughts on “Ultrasound Ultra-disappointment

  1. I am so sorry:( It’s the rollercoaster of highs and lows that make this journey so hard…you build up that hope and in one doctors visit it can all come crashing down. I think taking some time to regroup and figure out your next steps is the best thing we can do for ourselves. It’s so hard though especially when you wanted this to all happen yesterday but I have found that the cycles that failed were so hard emotionally and taking some time to grieve that cycle made a huge difference entering the next one. Keeping my fingers crossed for you:)

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