Since my doctor appointment on Saturday I’ve been feeling pretty down. I’ve hung out with friends and gone on a long walk everyday. I still haven’t picked up my progesterone prescription (to start my period). Last night I had some abdominal cramping, intense anxiety, and ended up basically crying my eyes out for no reason. I just went to the grocery store and decided to pick up some OPKs (ovulation prediction kits) for next cycle. When I got home I took one, because why not, right? And it was positive. So now I’m super confused. Did one of my follicles jump start since Saturday morning and produce an egg? Is the test just wrong? I’m technically on day 16 of my cycle which seems late to ovulate. I’m making myself crazy.


2 thoughts on “Confusion

  1. Honey, I’ve ovulated on day 17 of both my recent clomid cycles. Having said that, OPKs aren’t always the most reliable form of knowing whether you are ovulating or not, as they pick up the LH surge. You may already know that surge of hormone needs to reach a certain level for an egg to be released. Anyhoo, I find temperature tracking very accurate for confirming ovulation for me, and due to long cycles it is helpful to know when we can relax in bed! Darn PCOS!!

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