Is it all in my head?

I’m convinced I ovulated last Tuesday (the first time I typed that, my phone autocorrected Tuesday to “twins day”, you bet I’m reading it as a sign.) I had all the signs and symptoms as wells as a positive OPK. I didn’t want to even let myself think that something my RE said wouldn’t happen had, but I want to be completely honest on here even if I can’t let myself anywhere else. The past two days when I’m trying to fall asleep I’ve had mild to moderate cramping and today I have had the absolute worst sinus headache I’ve ever had. Of course, I’ve been googling again, seeing the probability of a positive pregnancy test at 7DPO (very low), and ordering pregnancy tests in bulk from Amazon anyway. I’m usually very cautiously optimistic to say the least, the hus-b calls me a flat out negative Nancy, but it’s my way of protecting my emotions. Currently, however, I’m convinced I ovulated and now have myself convinced I’m pregnant.

Look out world, there might be a breakdown in the works.


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